ASD and Vitamins

Just some info I found. But all this, please check with your doctor first.

My own personal belief is that when I am taking my vitamins, I feel better. This isn’t saying, nor am I that this cures ASD. ASD is NOT a disease!

National Autism Month

So just in case you haven’t heard, April is National Autism Awareness Month!! So wear your Autism shirts (mine is a black t-shirt that reads “kiss my Aspergers”) I need more like that one, lol.

So let someone know! Get involved, we can always use so help, give, or anything you want. Getting the more people to know helps them understand us better. And one of 67 born today has some form of Autism.  You are not alone!

Well, a quick update, we are still working on the 501c3, but we are getting close, I hope!

Still want to have our first group meeting soon, so stay tune for more details.