Our Vision

We started a non-profit organization to help those on the Autism Spectrum and / or loved ones.
We are creating a place where we can get together to discuss issues, things that helped, and that don’t.

We will be having workshops with some of the local Professionals.

We want to get big enough to be able to help out those who want to get tested but can’t afford it or have insurance.
To provide information on all things Autism.

So if you want to help or just want to know more, please feel free to contact me. Billy

What’s New – March 6, 2018

Just finished our 501c3 paperwork, I think, the lawyers still have to go over it.

But hey, we got in our business cards, so if you want some to pass out, hit me up. I will meet you anywhere in Cove or Killeen. Temple people will have to hit up De Conlin, who will run our Temple office (office- that’s funny, still working out of my house).

And that’s what’s happen now! Be back soon with more!